Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rembrandt Laughing

Do you recognize this man?  It's Rembrandt!  He painted this self portrait, which was only discovered several years ago.  This painting only measures about 6"x8".  It's a little BIG work.

Rembrandt, a seventeenth century artist, brilliantly conveys the outward facial features of his laugh. Today, science has learned so much about what is actually going on in our brain when we laugh.

Rembrandt Laughing by Rembrandt

LAUGHTER TRULY IS THE BEST MEDICINE!  Laughter is the end result of the entire brain processing what's funny. Many functions of the brain only utilize one area, but laughter is sparked from every area of our brain! Follow the yellow brick road through this article and discover why "Laughter truly is the best medicine"!

My tagline is "joy on canvas".   I can't help but paint the joy around me and I think it shows in my work.  We live in a world that is growing darker by the day.  But, the light still shines and that is where I put my focus.  And, I think I'll spend a little more time laughing!

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