Patrons Comments

“I’m delighted to have Jill’s lovely paintings in my home because her artwork emits sheer joy.  I admire her sense of design and enjoy her use of color.”  Stan Lee - Marvel Comics Super Hero Creator (Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk and numerous others) - Los Angeles, CA  
“When you invest in a creation by Jill Saur, you are not only making an incredible investment – but more importantly, you are investing in your personal happiness and well being.  I cannot explain the way Jill’s art captures my heart and mind but each time you look at it you find something unique.  We have several paintings of Jill’s and we find the experience of acquiring art from her to be completely stress-free and pleasurable, beginning to end.  But most of all, we love purchasing art from Jill because you are taking a piece of her with you each time – and if you’ve ever met Jill, anyone would cherish a version of her in their home.  She painstakingly works on every detail of her masterpieces – whether original or giclee—and it shows in their artistry.  Jill’s gift to this world is her ever-positive attitude and the beauty she provides through her art.  It’s an honor to know her and be lucky enough to have her work in my home.”  Amber Virgillo - Roswell, GA
“Jill, Your works have found a place in our home and in our hearts. “Whispering Path” hangs over our fireplace and on the opposite wall, “Autumn Gold”. No matter what entry you make to our family room , you are drawn down one birch lined life path or another. The contrasts are attractive and walking down either path, in one’s mind, lends a sense of satisfaction and peacefulness . You and your work have contributed so positively to our surroundings and that “glad to be home” feeling. Your paintings, by far, are the best purchases we have ever made for our home.  Thank you.  We are proud to be  patrons of Jill Saur. With warmest regards, Greg and Deborah” - Dunwoody, GA.
“We began to work with Jill on a commission to put in the mountain house that we are building, never dreaming that we would end up with a painting that invokes such Absolute Joy!  We talked with Jill several times to convey what we feel when we visit the property we purchased, and she understood what we wanted very early in the process. Her ability to translate our words into emotion was unfathomable and resulted in a masterpiece that we will enjoy for many years.  As we  picked up the painting, I swear I saw a tear as she reluctantly gave up a piece of her heart”.   Ken Manford & Jeffrey Roach  - Decatur GA / Hayesville NC
“I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much we are enjoying our paintings, “Symphonic Summer One and Two”.  As you know, I fell in love instantly with these paintings upon entering your studio. While several months passed, I kept thinking about how wonderful these paintings would look in our home. It was my thoughtful husband that called you and set up the perfect birthday gift for me, a trip to your studio to pick a painting of my choice. The rest is history-we ended up purchasing both Symphonic Summer 1 and Symphonic Summer 2!  There have been many days spent on the screened porch looking into the keeping room enjoying our paintings.  My favorite time to admire these paintings is late at night when all the lights are off and the birch trees appear to jump right off the canvas, inviting one to find peace with nature.  As I mentioned to you, I wanted to bring the beauty of nature into our home, and your art has allowed me to do this. Thank you!  Fondly, Nancy Makarek-Baez,” Atlanta, GA
“I’m pleased to say that I am the proud owner of “Aspen Glory”.  This lovely painting, created by Jill Saur, hangs across from my desk in my business office.  It depicts the splendor of a grove of aspen trees during an autumn afternoon and simply brings them to life.  Often, amidst the stress of a busy hectic day, I will pause and take a moment to reflect on the radiance of this artwork.  Within minutes, I am walking down the trail in the painting, hearing the sound of the quaking leaves, and I am surrounded by a rainbow of vibrant fall colors.  With a deep exhale, my stress level subsides.  My smile is back and my sense of balance is regained.  I love Jill’s tag line, “joy on canvas”.  In three short words, she truly captures the essence of her work”.   T.E.S. - Atlanta, Ga.
"As first time art commissioners, we were a bit nervous initially to approach an artist and start the process. However, after the first conversation with Jill, we immediately felt at ease. She let us know that she would be open to color choices and input from us throughout the whole process, and she meant it.  We had several meetings and communications with Jill to discuss the project overall, choose colors, review the sketches, and of course view the final product. There was never a point in the process where we didn’t know what was going to happen next. In the end, we couldn’t be happier with the piece.  She took our vague descriptions and varied color palette and turned it into a beautiful work of art. We can’t wait to hang it as the centerpiece in our brand new home!"  Mandy and Adam C. -  Atlanta, GA
“I purchased  "Fall Upward" for our home because it invoked such a peaceful state of mind when I saw it in the  studio.  It is most  Definitely our favorite piece of art and I'm emotionally drawn to it's presence each time I walk past.”  Ken Manford & Jeffrey Roach -  Roswell , GA  (Birch Trees)
“Jill’s painting of the Clermont Hotel is the first thing you see when you walk in my office.  Everyone loves it and comments on it!”  James Goldstein - Attorney - Atlanta, GA
“Jill’s painting is stunning!  I look at it as the light changes during the day and the color becomes more and more amazing!” - Jane Mueller - Buford, South Carolina  (Koi Painting)
“I was so excited to find the perfect gift for my husband’s 50th birthday present at  ArtRiverStudio. Our whole family has been blessed with Jill Saur’s original watercolor painting, “Pillars of the Arch”, which now proudly hangs in our study. In the painting, Jill has captured the essence of the glory of ‘Ol Georgia using the UGA Arch’s three pillars of wisdom, justice, and moderation.  Jill’s beautiful spirit is reflected in this outstanding and timeless piece of art. Pillars of the Arch will be a treasured possession of our family for generations to come. - The Steve Brantley family - UGA Class 1979, 2007
“Hello, Jill.  We just wanted to finally, and officially, thank you for “Cadence”.  This painting has totally transformed our family room.  It really is breathtaking!  We have received so many compliments on your work.  As a result, we have decided that we need to come by your studio and get another picture to accompany this one for our family room.  We also want to extend our gratitude to you for including us in the process while you were creating, “Cadence”.  Although we totally deferred to your talent and judgment, we appreciated your consideration and attention to detail-every detail!  Thank you, again.  We will see you soon.” - Valerie and Rodney M.  (Commissioned Birch Trees)
"We have purchased 4 pieces of original artwork from Jill Saur.  The diversity of these works is wonderful - from a colorful painting of a rooster that brightens our downstairs den, to a beautiful print of irises and butterflies that generates compliments from clients as it hangs in my conference room at work.  The 2 newest additions add a lovely touch to our lake cabin in Alabama - "Serenity" is an abstract beauty that hangs over the mantle and adds needed color and a joyful feeling to the living room; "Abandoned" is a peaceful watercolor that echoes the shoreline and water views outside the window.  All these pieces have brought us pleasure and have brought a touch of beauty into our lives". - Anna Frick Armstrong, LLC - Gwinnet, GA
"We were immediately drawn to Jill's paintings of the Atlanta Braves players.  We have three boys who love baseball and we knew these paintings would be a great addition to each of their rooms."  
Sheri Hardy - Roswell, GA
"The painting of Belle my beloved Golden Retriever done by Jill is a gift that will be with me forever...I have wanted to have a painting done of her for a few years now and what a surprise when Jill contacted me to see if I would let her paint a picture of Belle for a charity event to help an animal shelter.  When I went to Jill's web site and saw the wonderful work there, I thought that I had indeed been blessed. She has caught the essence of Belle and by calling the piece "Heart of Gold" I felt that she knew her true nature.  When others saw the painting, they said, “Oh my, she has caught Belle's look in her eyes and her love of life comes shining through”....Thank you Jill for your hard work and inspired painting of my dear dear Belle. - Jenni Sharpe - Nanoose Bay, BC/Canada
“Our koi painting gives us a peaceful feeling.  The composition flows pleasantly and the colors, they’re vibrant! We treasure it!”  - Dr. and Mrs. David Moore - Ohau, Hawaii
"We are so happy with our first JILL SAUR Painting!!! Jill, you know I fell in love with "Ambient Allure" even before you had finished it.  It is so harmonious and pleasant for the eyes, but at the same time, because of the palette you used, it seems to be alive!  You are a wonderful person and a brilliant artist.  I am thrilled to be your student! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and talent with all of us".  Kisses, Thais
"I just wanted to let you know how excited we are about the two pieces we recently added to our collection!  We now have “Swiftly Blue” displayed in our living room, “Comice in Hue” in the kitchen and we are still looking for the perfect spot for “Absolute Love”.  I know, no matter where we decide to hang it, our eyes will continually be drawn to it.  The texture on your paintings is absolutely amazing.  Thank you so much for sharing your artwork with us". - Stacy & Larry Koland - Smyrna, GA.
"When we found “Autumn Gold” on Jill’s website, we were delighted.  We fell in love with Aspen trees while visiting Colorado and we wanted a painting that would help us capture the special moments we shared there.  At first, we were a bit skeptical about purchasing a painting online, but after talking to Jill, we were totally at ease.  We loved the fact that she was always available by phone and continuously kept us updated by email.  The painting was delivered in a perfectly sealed package and it was a joy to receive it.  We ordered a giclee and you would never know it wasn’t the original!  Jill added so many embellishments to the painting!  We also appreciated the finished edges, eliminating the need for a frame.  The painting has a perfect combination of colors, yellow and red with hints of green and even blue.  We are so proud that it is part of our home.   Thank you, Jill.   We will be in touch, Zeb and Claudine". - Boca Raton, Fla.

"My husband and I lived in East Cobb for nearly two years, and fell in love with Roswell.  When we recently moved to Denver, Colorado, we wanted to take a piece of Roswell with us to our new home as we knew we'd miss Roswell dearly.  Once arriving in Denver, we found the perfect spot over the fireplace to place a lasting memento of our favorite spot in the heart of Roswell. Knowing of Jill's work, we commissioned her to paint a picturesque part of Roswell, and we are so glad we found her and asked her to paint this lasting memory for us!  Jill brought Canton Street to life in masterful detail and elegant style - and allowed for our input on the commission every step of the way.  While we were managing much of the process from afar in Denver - via email and phone calls - Jill put together a fantastic painting that captured everything we were looking for.  What's more is that Jill gave us insights into her work process every step of the way - she truly collaborated with us and valued our input.  The experience of working with her was excellent.  From her taking the initial photo of the Canton Street spot we had identified, throughout the prototyping, and to the finished product, we couldn't have been happier with how things went.  Upon receiving our painting in Denver (and the shipping process was handled with true TLC), we fell in love with the painting of the little place we enjoyed so much.  Thanks to Jill for an outstanding piece of artwork that brought our memorable place to life, along with an exceptional working process and a wonderful overall experience in commissioning our Roswell masterpiece.  We are grateful to Jill for painting something we'll cherish forever".  - Lesley and Josh Disbrow - Denver, Colorado
"I'm so thrilled with my new art addition.  It's everything that I had hoped for.  "Aspen Rhapsody In Snow" fits perfectly in my home in Colorado.  Jill was wonderful to work with.  The triptych came immediately after I purchased it.  It was packed perfectly for its cross country journey.  Jill is an exceptionally talented artist with an amazing ability to capture the beauty of nature." - Cathie - Grand Junction, Colorado