Friday, March 23, 2012

The Giant Pacific Octopus

The Giant Pacific Octopus - This is a four foot by four foot acrylic painting on canvas and it represents my love for the sea and all the creatures therein! There would be no painting, if not for the permission to use a photo by dive instructor and photographer, Greg Dombowski, for reference. Thank you, Greg!  By the way, this painting can hang three different directions!  It has a wild ambiance at night with its warm glow.

I grew up by the ocean and have a strong love for the sea. My favorite reef that I've snorkeled was off Yasawa, Island in Fiji, truly paradise!  The ocean and all its creatures are a great gift!

This painting is available for purchase by contacting me through my website at  Thank you for viewing!  -  Jill Saur

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©1990-2012 Giant Pacific Octopus by Jill Saur, all rights reserved