Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Capacity For Astonishment by Jill Saur

Louis Armstrong

Martin Glaser, a legendary New York graphic designer famous for creating the ‘I Love New York’ logo, recently spoke about something that’s dear to my heart.  He said, “If you can sustain your interest in what you’re doing, you’re an extremely fortunate person.  What you see very frequently in people’s professional lives, and perhaps in their emotional life as well, is that they lose interest in the third act.  You sort of get tired, and indifferent, and sometimes, defensive and you kind of lose your capacity for astonishment, and that’s a great loss, because the world is a very astonishing place.”

I guess you’d say I’m in the third act of my life.  I still find wonder in observing nature, seeing the cloud formations before a storm, and getting up early to watch the sun rise over the misty waters of the Chattahoochee River.

The overflow of being astonished with life is expressed through my art, my friendships, and the general way that I conduct my business.
I agree with Martin Glaser, the world is a very astonishing place! - Jill Saur