Sunday, April 20, 2014

Andrew Wyeth American Master by Jill Saur

Andrew Wyeth Painting
Andrew Wyeth Painting "Pentecost"
Andrew Wyeth, American Master Painter 1917-2009 By Jill Saur

Think these are fishing nets?  Not so fast.  There's a story behind these nets.  There's always a story.

In Andrew Wyeth's own words, "On Allen Island, a young girl was washed out to sea in a storm.  They couldn't save her.  I was thinking about the young girls body floating there underwater, and the nets became her spirit."

Andrew Wyeth was rarely satisfied with his work.  But, this painting was different.  He thought it was beautiful.  He felt touched by a spiritual source while working on it and aptly named it, "Pentecost".

From my early years as an artist, till this day,  I've been greatly influenced by the works and life of Andrew Wyeth.  His inspired paintings touch my spirit and motivate me to paint from a deeper, more intimate place in my soul.

I love it when a painting expresses what's going on inside the artist as well as outside.  That's when you have the touch of the master's hand, soul, and spirit! - Jill Saur