Sunday, February 19, 2012

Red Pepper Still Life by Jill Saur

“Color is both the visible fact and the miracle of light and transparency is the quality of being lighted from within.  Watercolor pigment lets the light shine through where it is reflected by the paper.  This unique quality of transparency is the essence of magnificent watercolor paintings”. – Bud Biggs 1906-1985 American Master Watercolor Artist. -  Bud Biggs was my first watercolor professor.  I’ll be sharing more about him in the future on my blog

What does this 8”x8” acrylic painting have to do with a watercolor painting?  Everything!  I painted primarily in watercolor for fifteen years before I crossed over into acrylic and oil painting.  I brought my love for transparent painting and achieving that beautiful “warm glow” in my work.  Over the years, acrylic and oil paints have been developed to have more of a transparent look.

Even though this red pepper still-life painting is rendered entirely with a palette knife, and lots of texture, the paint retains a certain amount of transparency that gives it an ethereal glow.  I’ll forever be grateful to Bud Biggs and the privilege of studying with a true American Master.

“Red Pepper Charm” is rendered on a wide-border canvas with the image painted on the sides.  It is available to purchase by contacting me through my website.  I would love to welcome you into my family of happy collectors!  If you have any concerns about purchasing a painting through the internet, not to worry, I offer a money back guarantee within the first week!  CLICK HERE

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