Monday, July 13, 2015

Commission A Painting In Atlanta, GA

I was recently commissioned to paint this acrylic painting on canvas, “Profound Joy.”  I had a wonderful new client contact me from Massachusetts.  Here, you can see and read the process for commissioning a painting and read my clients review that she happily wrote within two days of receiving her painting!  Thank you, Wendi!  It was more than a pleasure doing business with you! - Jill Saur
“Profound Joy” 22”x28”  
commission a painting in boston
From My Client who commissioned, “Profound Joy."
”My husband and I commissioned PROFOUND JOY to be painted by Jill Saur after discovering her work online.  What a professional!  What a talent!  What a true dream to work with!!!!  We live in New England but thanks to phone calls, FaceTime, emails, texts…. it felt like we were local.  Jill put her heart and soul into our painting and it shows.  We are thrilled with PROFOUND JOY!  Not only do we love the piece we commissioned but we also fell in love with a piece that Jill painted from our painting's leftover colors.  It also looks gorgeous in our home.  Jill is full of passion and I am so happy that I took this "journey" with her.  Her work will forever mean a great deal to me.  Thank you, Jill!  -  Wendi Ayer - Medfield, Massachusetts

Wendi lives in Massachusetts.  She found me by doing an internet search.  After going through all the paintings on my website, she found a painting that she loved and saw that it had been sold.  She asked me if I could paint a similar one, only much larger.  
commission a painting in boston

After agreeing on a price, the first thing I did was a work-up of the general appearance of the larger painting I would do, and I included the chart of all the colors that I thought she would love.  I mailed this along with a copy of our agreed contract to Wendi so that she and her decorator could view it first-hand.  Because colors on a computer screen can vary, I wanted Wendi to see the colors in person.  I knew she was re-decorating the entire room and she wanted this painting to be the centerpiece.

commission a painting in boston

I sent Wendi numerous updates as the painting progressed and she was able to tell me what she liked and where she wanted me to add more or less of the colors that she loved.

commission a painting in boston

This is my finished painting hanging in the living room of Wendi’s beautiful home.

commission a painting in boston

Close-up of “Profound Joy” in clients home.

To see more of my commissions, please visit this page on my website where you can also see the links to contact me if you’d like to inquire about commissioning your own original work of art.  CLICK HERE  Thanks - Jill Saur