Sunday, October 30, 2016

Commission A Painting by Jill Saur

I love Van Gogh.  People often associate Van Gogh with his tumultuous life and don't realize he was a master artist, draftsman, and color theory expert.  Although he painted quickly, he applied his artistic knowledge with every inspired brushstroke.  My artwork is deeply inspired by Van Gogh.

I've titled my painting above, "Joyful Encounter." I painted this textured palette knife painting using brilliant azure blues, effusive reds, and warm golds.  Although I rendered it in a spontaneous fashion, I applied my knowledge of color theory and the elements and principles and design. 

"Joyful Encounter" and many other paintings of mine are available to purchase on my new and easy to navigate, e-commerce website.  If you're looking for a particular sized painting, why not consider commissioning me to paint an original just for you?  I love to paint commissions. Thanks, Jill Saur

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