Sunday, April 12, 2015

Original Art, Atlanta Ga

©1990-2015 Landscape Painting by Jill Saur, all rights reserved

The following words are from a book titled, "Windows Of The Soul" by Ken Gire.  "There is a story about the famous illustrator and painter Gustave Dore in which one of his students had just finished a painting of Jesus and handed it to him for his critique.  Dore studied it, his mind searching for the right words.  At last he handed it back to the student.  "If you loved Him more, "he said, "you would have painted Him better."
Those words struck a chord with me because I'm usually asking my students, "What do you want to work on next?"  I believe it's really important for artists to find what they're passionate about and paint that.  If you love the subject matter that you're working on, you're going to be ALL IN!  When you find that which you love and you capture it with your own camera, you're going to have all your senses engaged when you work on your painting.  
I've been doing a study of a scene that I came upon while on vacation in Taos, New Mexico.  When I'm applying the paint, I can remember the brilliance of the sun, the highlights of the light on the quaking leaves and the sound and smells of the rushing water as it splashed upon the rocks in front of me.  When I'm painting and I'm ALL IN, invariably, I create my best works. 
The painting above is sold but I’m working on several studies of the same scene right now.  If you’re interested in this scene or any of my other paintings, please email me.  EMAIL