Thursday, January 23, 2014

Buy Original Art

Aspen Tree Painting
©1990-2014 Aspen by Jill Saur, all rights reserved

You walk into a gallery or browse through an artist's website, and all of a sudden, amidst the host of paintings, your attention is turned to just one.  Then, in the quietness of your observation, this image that has no literal voice, begins to speak to you, uplift your spirit, move your heart and make you smile.
The number one reason to buy an original work of art is because of how much you love it, and how it makes you feel.  People who buy original art have a lot to smile about!
A great painting inspirits the right hemisphere of our brains, stimulating ideas, and ideas are the root of creativity.  If you surround yourself with art that inspires, you will be inspired!
Studies in work environments have shown that the productivity of an employee is elevated by as much as 25% when they are exposed to original art in their everyday jobs. This doesn’t surprise me.  Art that makes us feel good can uplift our moods and give us a greater sense of well-being.  My patrons tell me that my art inspires them and the more they look at my work, the more they see.  The greatest two compliments I get are that my paintings exude ‘joy’ and that they are displayed in a prominent place.
When you buy an original painting from me, you will have a one-of-a-kind creation that no one else in the  world has. With the longevity of the premium quality acrylic and oil paints I use, your painting will become a family heirloom and be able to be passed down to subsequent generations.  
Original art also has aesthetic value.  It can either blend in with the natural d├ęcor of a room, or as many collectors prefer, it can stand out from everything else and be the focal point.  Because my art is vibrant,  full of life, and luminous,  most of my clients purchase my art to become the focal point of their room. 
When you buy a painting from me, you can continue to follow my work online through my website and my blog.  I regularly post my current paintings and what inspired me to paint them.  I have a solid record of selling to collectors for the past twenty-eight years and I feel that the best of my work is yet to come. 
When you collect art from local and national artists who have spent years developing their style, technique, creativity and expertise, you become the impetus that keeps the renaissance of talented contemporary artists alive. - Jill Saur  

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