Monday, December 2, 2013

Flowers In A Vase Painting

atlanta artist
©1990-2013 Flowers in Vase painting by Jill Saur, all rights reserved
I love Van Gogh.  People often associate Van Gogh with his tumultuous life and don't realize that he  was a  master artist and an expert in color theory.  

A few weeks ago I was inspired to paint this thickly textured palette knife painting using brilliant azure blues, effusive reds, and warm golds.  Though spontaneously painted,  I still apply color theory and the rest of the elements of principle and design.  After concentrating on using those elements for so many years, they just seem to come naturally to me now.  So, when someone asks me how long it takes me to complete a particular painting,  I'm tempted to say, "Oh, about thirty years or so."  However, I just smile and say, "Long enough".

This 16"x20" textured acrylic palette knife flower painting is titled, "Red on Blue".  I was just informed by my representing gallery that it sold over the weekend.  I'm extremely thankful to have folks who appreciate and love my work.  Thank you! - Jill Saur  

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