Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Georgia Artist, Jill Saur - Artist Statement

Artist Statement
Jill Saur 

Artist Statement
My artwork is a natural outpouring of my encounter with God and His majestic creation, resulting in paintings that are dramatic, uplifting, and full of life!  I look for beauty and truth in that which is both obvious and sometimes hidden.  I’m captivated by the splendor of light on the surface of objects, and the contrasting shadows that those objects project. I’m equally beguiled by the myriad of colors that frolic about my world, and invite me to join in on the dance.  My artwork is a waltz that I engage in with brush, paint, and spirit.  It brings me great joy to share the result of that dance with those who collect my work!
My tagline is “joy on canvas”.  It was given to me by Stan Lee, the creator of Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk and numerous other super heroes. When asked to describe my work in just three to five words, Stan’s response was, “Joy on canvas”, because according to him, my work exudes sheer joy”.  
"I'm known for my tree paintings, especially aspen and birch trees.  The earliest experience I can remember that affected my love for painting trees, was watching my mother (a student of famed watercolorist, Eliot O' Hara) paint when I was a young girl.  With every whimsical brushstroke, she seemed to have a way of bringing her trees to life!  My love for painting aspen and birch trees began over thirty years ago. I've traveled to Colorado on numerous occasions to photograph these majestic trees.  The beauty of the white aspen and birch trees, and their quaking iridescent leaves, capture my artistic eye and fill my senses with wonder. 
I'm deeply inspired by the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne.  Their rich brushstrokes and use of color and light, inspire my work and make me want to be the best artist that I can possibly be!  American Artists,Andrew WyethEdgar Whitney, and Georgia O'keeffe, have also inspired my work.
“The process I use to paint in acrylic and oil is greatly influenced by my early years in watercolor painting.  I gradually build up layers of paint in order to capture an illuminating glow.  I began developing my style of painting aspen and birch trees thirty years ago. By creating rich texture with my palette knife (when painting in oil or acrylic) I'm able to convey the bark and leaves of the trees which practically brings them to life.  Before I start any painting, I do a quick gesture drawing to loosen up and then I sketch out my drawing.  This helps me to be sure I have a good composition and strong area of interest.  I lay out my color palette before I begin to paint. This way, I can be sure it is well orchestrated like a fine tuned symphony”.   Jill Saur's Art 

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