Friday, November 26, 2010

"The Hastening Tree" Tree Art by Jill Saur

This painting, "The Hastening Tree" is 30"x40".  It is in my personal collection, but it is available in a personally hand embellished giclee.  This tree is on the beautiful Chattahoochee River.

What I love about this tree, is that from a distance it appears to be in its prime.  It continues to enamor its viewers with robust alluring shades of green foliage.  At sunrise, the trunk offers striking contrasts of light and dark.  Even the bark is bejeweled with flecks of rich golds, browns, and reds.

The great surprise comes upon close inspection.  The middle base of the tree is completely hollow!  It is absolutely amazing that the tree is entirely supported by the sides and the few roots that make its way to the soil.  This tree is fighting for its last hoorah, its last great moment.  It is reaching to the light and putting forth its branches for all to see.  It’s death will be swift and sudden.  There is no middle ground for this tree.  It is living in splendor and then it will be gone.  I am moved by the lessons it is teaching me and I am compelled to paint it in all of its seasons.  I have actually been photographing this tree for well over two years now.  I have witnessed this tree at sunrise when the first rays of the sun illuminate its weathered trunk and I have sat at its base in the mist of the afternoon when the only hue is a dull grey.   This is when the tree is most haunting and sullen.  My most recent visit was a week ago when the last remnant of fall glistened on its colorful leaves.

I guess you could say that this is one of my special places to go when I need some time to think, pray, evaluate my life, and listen for answers.  Please visit my website to purchase my art.  

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